MCB Laboratory Cell Culture Training

Cell Culture Training

Cell Culture Fundamental Techniques
Cell Culture Basics - cell lines, culture environment, requirements, morphology / Biochemical and biophysical characteristics of cells in culture, etc...

Basic Cellular Analysis (Cell Proliferation, Viability and Function)
qualitative characteristics of mammalian cell cultures / assessing the viability and proliferation of cells grown under various experimental conditions, etc..



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Research Core Areas

The Affiliated Researchers of the Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory are drawn from several Colleges and Departments at KSU.

Research groups in the MCB Laboratory share an interest in understanding and solving a broad range of modern molecular and cell biology topics using a wide variety of approaches, instruments and techniques.

Through the clustering of individual research group leaders with shared equipment and facilities, the MCB Laboratory fosters a productive and fertile research environment.

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Training, mentoring, and hands-on research work experience in a immersive laboratory environment

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