Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) Laboratory focuses to develop novel approaches

Research in the Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) Laboratory focuses to develop novel approaches to address the fundamental questions on the molecular mechanisms of cell behavior in health and disease.

The MCB Laboratory Research Team combines biochemical analysis and systems-level approaches to investigate the connections between cell metabolism, gene expression and their role in novel therapeutic approaches including stem cells, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.In doing so, the current scientific strengths of the MCB Laboratory Research Team include researches on wide-ranging topics such as stem cells, genetics and gene expression, medical microbiology and biomaterials compatibilities.


Key goals of the research team include collaborative efforts to: uncover biological roles of certain RNA-binding proteins in cell metabolism, differentiation and development, help elucidate the role of RNA metabolism in disease, and to develop novel therapeutic strategies


The MCB Laboratory also aims to provide a vibrant and supportive working and training environment that encourages creative thinking and productivity for all research collaborators, faculty, staff and students. 

The physical location of the MCB Laboratory offers various potentials to establish a highly interactive and collaborative environment within a large and diverse community of principal investigators, research team leaders and research groups. One of the substantial assets of the MCB Laboratory is the complementary nature of many research groups working in our laboratory that promotes the development of novel approaches to address various topics under Molecular and Cell Biology Research. This is further made possible by the accessibility to a wide range of equipment and updated facilities.

“The MCB Laboratory is open to all research collaborations. If you are a KSU faculty member or student, all are welcome to use the lab whenever you need it.” 
Feel free to contact the MCB team, fill up the forms and follow our guidelines.
~ Dr. Abdurahman A. Niazy