From MCB Laboratory to Collaboratories

From MCB Laboratory to Collaboratories

Due to the development of modern research methods, collaborations are becoming necessary for researchers who plan to take their studies in new directions that lead to scientific discoveries that benefit society.

Scientific collaborations are a vital part of King Saud University’s mission to advance scientific knowledge and medical progress in the Kingdom. The University fosters interdisciplinary collaboration by forming research centers or units such as the Research Support Unit that are affiliated with investigators from different backgrounds working toward a common goal. 

Through collaborative research approach, researchers’ abilities to make significant advances in their fields and own scientific programs are increased. Furthermore, university collaborations help laboratories strengthen their ability to deliver high-quality research and to develop and nurture skilled graduates. Successful collaborations are also promoted by the enthusiasm and interest of MCB research members to combine their disciplinary expertise in creating new approaches in solving challenging scientific questions in molecular and cell biology.

In addition, the RSU has examples of interdisciplinary collaborations within the MCB Laboratory, as well as ongoing Collaborative Research Partnerships between the Prince Naif Health Research Center, KSU College of Medicine Stem Cell Unit, KKUH Animal

Laboratory Facility, GUC Research Support Unit and other research groups at King Saud University. 
These scientific facilities are just some of the available centers in KSU that provide unique and specialized instrumentation and exceptional user-facilities that are essential for university research groups to carry out their advanced experiments in support of different scientific agendas.

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