1st Open Health Research Day

1st Open Health Research Day

The Research Support Unit - College of Dentistry together with the Prince Naif bin AbdulAziz Health Research Center (PNHRC) organized a one-day symposium entitled the “1st Open Health Research Day” held at the Main Auditorium, New Dental Hospital Building. 

The main goal of the event was to facilitate and support collaborative health researches among KSUMC affiliate laboratories and health colleges. 

Several specialized KSUMC researchers were invited to talk and share their research expertise, namely as Dr. Abdurahman Niazy (Molecular Cell Biology Laboratory - PNHRC), Dr. Nehad Alajez (Stem Cell Unit, College of Medicine), Dr. Ali Alhoshani (College of Pharmacy), Dr. Rabih Halwani (Immunology Laboratory, College of Medicine), Dr. Hassan Halwany (DCRC, College of Dentistry), and Prof. Assim Alfadda (Obesity Research, College of Medicine). 

All the researchers highlighted their research interests and imparted essential ideas to brainstorm possible scientific research collaborations and to emerge as a functional entity under the supervision of PNHRC.


Prof. Abdullah Aldahmash, the General Director of PNHRC facilitating the Q&A during the talk of Dr. Hassan Halawany from the College of Dentistry.

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