College of Dentistry: Collaborative Institutional Training Institute

In pursuit of King Saud University’s mission to conduct valuable research thru the use of current and developing technologies and effective international partnership, the CITI Program or Collaborative Institutional Training Institute was launched. 

As a learning community, it is an obligation for its stakeholders to perpetually augment and improve their potentials and be adherent to the current trends and issues of research locally and internationally. It is mandatory to obtain CPE/CE/CEU certificates by actively involving in numerous training and workshops. This makes the CITI program imperative in the research domain.

The content series of the CITI program is grouped into subject areas and are subdivided into cluster content according to: the subject matter, disciplinary audience, or regulatory focus. 
The content generally is introduced in a standard format and arranged into modules. It starts with an introduction of the topic to be tackled, and then followed by a set of learning objectives; subsequent to this is the main material which is broken up into sections, then finally a concluding summary section. The modules require at most approximately twenty (20) minutes for the average learner to complete. A small quiz that is followed by rationalization is the evaluative tool. Learners can revisit the module content, and the small quizzes can be repeated until the desired result is achieved.

The CITI program is indeed beneficial to all aspirants who wish to advance their capacity in research. Everyone is encouraged to be a part of this endeavor to achieve the mission and vision of the KSU and move forward towards better research.


For further information or for technical assistance and/or queries, please contact the CDRC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / / 46 77 333.

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