Student Researcher

This is a joint agreement between the student researcher/principal investigator, research supervisor and the Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) Laboratory that by using the equipment, facilities, services, consultation and staff expertise of the MCB Laboratory, they agree to the following policies and procedures: 

  1. The research proposal will be submitted to the Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory for approval. All MCB Laboratory users must be pre-approved prior to the start of their research projects and experimental work.
  2. The MCB Laboratory facilities will be only used for purposes of research that has been reviewed and approved as described in the Research Proposal submitted by the principal investigator.
  3. Any change in the experimental procedure has to be accepted by all individuals involved in the study. The MCB Laboratory personnel will provide project methods/experimental protocol advice but is not responsible for final methods determination.
  4. The student researcher is under the obligation to work on his/her project under the direct supervision of the Research Supervisor with assistance of the MCB Laboratory personnel.
  5. All laboratory users are to strictly comply with all laboratory guidelines and safety policies as referred to the MCB Laboratory Handbook and Safety Manual.
  6. The costs of reagents, consumables and research materials not available in the facility for this project are to be incurred by the investigators. The MCB Laboratory has the right to charge a token amount for the man-hours spent on the research projects. If the experimental procedures require weekend work from the MCB Laboratory personnel, there will be an additional fee to cover the overtime. If research funding is provided by the MCB Laboratory in any form for this project, the researchers must acknowledge the source of support for the work.
  7. MCB Laboratory personnel are to provide necessary trainings for specific laboratory equipment and facility prior to usage and operation. Damage to any laboratory equipment resulting from misuse by the user may result in the loss of laboratory privileges and charges for the repair costs.
  8. All data generated from the laboratory services will be accessible to the concerned investigators only. These data will not be presented in any way without consent from the principal investigator. The only information that the MCB Laboratory will disclose in its reports and other presentations will be the title of the project, start date of experimental work and the members of the research group.
  9. The researchers must appropriately acknowledge the support of the Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory staff and their specific contributions, as well as facilities on scholarly reports, presentations, posters, papers and all other scientific publications of this project.

    For example:

    “The author(s) acknowledge the staff and the use of the facilities of the Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory, a core research facility of the King Saud University College of Dentistry in collaboration with Prince Naif bin AbdulAziz Health Research Center, for their contributions to this publication.”

     * A copy of the final publication (paper or electronic) must be submitted to the MCB Laboratory for filing purposes.

  10. The investigators must recognize and grant authorship to involved MCB Laboratory staff members; when said members have substantially contributed to experimental conception and design, method development, implementation, and execution and/or data acquisition, analysis and interpretation; and participated in manuscript revision and review.
  11. The in-house research projects conducted by the MCB Laboratory team will have the utmost priority and therefore any other research projects or laboratory requests will be considered on ‘first come, first-served’ basis as per approval date.

* Last Updated: 14 October 2017